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The Maldives

Maldives is truly paradise, it is composed of 1,190 string Islands and divided into 20 administrative Atolls for almost 200 islands are inhabited by local, some are tourist and private resorts and rest are uninhibited. Maldives is Located at 500miles northwest of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean…

where is maldives island located
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 Indeed, Maldives is a home of luxurious Island Resorts with a world class  services and facilities. The crystal clear lagoon and a beauty of marine animals, stunning coral reef landscape will gave  a satisfaction in every visitors.

maldives water sports

Water sports is the most popular activities in the Maldives. If you wont to avail in this exciting activities when visiting in the Maldives  you miss the half of your life.

Maldives Weather

Having a knowledge about the weather when you are traveling is a wise idea. The weather in Maldives is divided in two different monsoon. Dry season starts in the month of December up to April.  

Maldives fact

Map Of Maldives

Islamic country

Maldives is 100% Muslim, so tourist must read the do's and don'ts before visiting
to this Paradise.

No alcohol in the store

Alcohol is prohibited in the Maldives, they don't sell alcohol in any store. But if you want to drink. Island resort's has a permission to sell such drinks.

the lowest country

The highest ground in the Maldives is only 3 feet from the sea level. Their is no mountain in the Maldives.

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