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Maldives travel advice(Do’s & Don’ts) need to know

Every country has their owned Law and Policy,you should have a least a brief knowledge on how to avoid violation and abide the given warning of the Maldives.


Passport: This is the most important document we need when we travel outside the country. Immigration will surely ask for this document and your passport must be valid for six from the expected departure date and at least one page available for stamping. The Hotel and Resorts also require this for their reference.
Visa: Tourist Visa will be given upon arrival and it is valid for 30 days for  can also apply for visa extension but not more than 90 days and should provide a valid reason and requirements to apply. To anyone violate and caught staying for more than the allocated time without the supporting documents from immigration will give you a problem and might be banned for a year.
Private boat or Yacht: If you are coming with your private yacht, you must contact and ask a clearance from the agent in Male City’. Maldivian Police, customs, or the immigration will meet the vessels regardless of in which atoll you wish to anchor.
Children: Children must have their special travel documents, for more information check this.
LGBTI Travelers: Must be aware of the law about LGBTI learn more here. This is a Muslim a Islamic state, Homosexual acts are illegal in the Maldives. Same sex relations are unlawful and indicted wrongdoers could confront protracted jail sentences and fines.
Currency: tourists are not really required to change their money into local currency, most of the stores, hotels, and taxi’s are accepting dollar and cash card.

Religious Rules / Maldives travel warning 

Ramadan: In this time, all Muslims are in fasting it is a prayer month of them. For the respect, none Muslim are not allowed to eat or drink in the public. Inappropriate dress mostly women is also not allowed even if it is not Ramadan.
Alcohol: Foreign or even Maldivian are not allowed to bring alcohol or any products containing alcohol in any quantity are strictly not allowed.
Foods and stuff: Pork is not allowed(but some of the private Resort do serve pork). Explosive device and Firearms are Obviously not allowed in any country. Unless you have a permit on it.
Religious materials: Maldives is a Muslim country, any religious things such as Bible, Idols or any does not belong to the Muslim are strictly prohibited.


Maldives government won’t shoulder any of your medical bills. Make sure your health insurance plan provides or can be used overseas.
Vaccinations: Advice to the travelers to be up-to-date on your all vaccinations, and consult your physician if you are fit to travel.
Facilities: There are only two big hospitals located in the capital city of Male. The Abduarahman Don Kaleyfan Hospital (ADK) which is owned by a private company, they accept some of the insurance plan and the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) property by the government, this hospital does not accept any insurance. These two hospitals have limited equipment only.
Yellow fever: tourist coming from the infected country must have a medical certificate.
It is a virus flavivirus brought by an infected mosquito. This Country is free from yellow fever.


Maldives has a lowest rate of crime; hilarious crime is not of this country. Crime report from the resort is rare. However, don’t be so confident, because there are thieves who work out in any area. Do not leave your belongings unattended, probably shock on what happened. For the safety of your things, ask your resort or hotel a safety box for it.
Drugs users also among the young Maldivian are rising. From the criminal record of the police since last 2014, violence and activity of the gang was increasing within the town of Male.
Criminal Penalties: When your feet touch down in this island, you are subjected to follow local laws. Disobeying the rule of law maybe give you a problem, you may be expelled, arrested or imprisonment.

Road safety

Very few island have automobile transportation. Maldives is composed of 1,190 island, mostly of the transportation they used are boat and seaplane. In the City of Male, there are an extensive number of vehicles, the road is too narrow and the drivers are so reckless, they drive so fast and most of them they don’t know what pedestrian lane is for. Be care full in the narrow road of Male Maldives.

In case of emergency:

• police: 119
• medical assistance: 102
• firefighters: 118

Travelers are in charge of their own security when traveling abroad. Being informed ahead before traveling will be beneficial on your end, you will get to enjoy vacation hustle free. Share this article with your friends for them to have a brief knowledge about Maldives travel warning.

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