hulhumale Island, hotel and activities

Hulhumale Island, Hotels and Activities

In North Male atoll in the country of Maldives where a man made island was created named Hulhumale Island. This Island was developed by engineers and constructed mostly by Chinese construction company this is for future housing, industrial and commercial development demands of male, however even the contraction is still going on some residence are already living there for good. Along in this Island is where Velana International Airport or also known as Malé International Airport. The area here is quite big compared to the capital Male City; here you can see a real bus which only stop in the designated bus stops, Uniform and very well arranged plots/ apartments, Hotels and Guesthouse with a long stretch seducing beautiful beach.

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How to get there

from Velana International Airport,Bus or taxi’s are posting outside the airport, it takes 10-15 minutes going to the city proper of Hulhumale. It will be easier if you will take a taxi going to your perspective hotel.

From Male, you need to take a public ferry and it will cost you 5.5mvr that will take 20minutes for every 15minutes or if you are in a hurry, speedboat will be the best option, for it only cost you 25mvr and will take you to Hulhumale in just 5 minutes for every 30 minutes.

Once you reach the island, things will be more accessible because Bus and taxi’s are waiting outside the ferry terminal ready to send you to your destination. IF you have a light luggage, and want to explore the beauty of the Island, I recommend that it’s better to walk for you to reach to the proper city of Hulhumale. Right now, there is an ongoing bridge construction that connects the two Islands (Male and hulhumale) intended to be finished in 2018. It will be a benefit to those travelers and who works in Male and lives in Hulhumale.

Things to do in Hulhumale

Most of the travelers staying in this Island are just transit tourist or we say by passing travelers, who stays only for one night in the hotel or guesthouse before going to their island resort or going back to home to their country.

Before you even reach the ferry terminal you will first see their amazing Central Park, it’s a round shape where you will get to spend some space in your camera to take pictures. Every Friday’s, some of the locals and expats choose to spend their holiday to Hulhumale for it is more relaxing than Male City, it’s a great place to have a get together with friends because rarely you get to see a traffic and a vehicle crossing along the roads.

Water Sports and Swimming with White powdery beach and a crystal clear water lagoon would be the perfect place to swim even the whole day. Hotels and Guesthouses offers water sports however it’s quite expensive than usual, you may find a small booth along the beach area, there are locals(Maldivian) offers water sports with a lesser price than the hotels and guesthouses for they are direct sellers, but there are still some guest houses who are operating their own water sports.

Reminder: This is a public Island, there are rules that needs to be followed such as, No Bikini (2 Piece) on the beach, No alcohol, and no fishing on the lagoon just to respect the residence who live in this Island.

Night fishing
is one of the very fun activities that you should do while you are in this Island for this is also the most popular excursion among the tourist. Catching fishes by your own hard work is an achievement and a memorable experience for lifetime. After you caught a fish, you can try to request to the guesthouse where you stayed from if they can prepare and cook the fish for you, for sure they’ll going to ask for some extra charges for that.


hulhumale paradise
 Sandbank trip

This is one of the most appealing excursions when visiting in maldives. Most of the hotels and resorts offer this activity, if the hotel where you stay does not offer this sandbank trip, you can ask to the other hotel and join to the group who scheduled to have one.
Sandbank Dinner, where you won’t have any source of energy to have your own light, all of you will just depend to the Moon light, romantic, isn’t it?
Morning trip to sandbank is amusing as well, but remember it’s not the usual Island, there would be no trees for you to shade under, it’s a pure Bank of Sand surrounded by alluring crystal azul water, so better bring some umbrella and put more sunblock lotion with a higher SPF.



List Of the Hotels

Airport Beach Hotel
☏: +960 7787085, 3359949
City Beach
☏: +960 7778851, 3355854, 3355855

City Grand
☏: +960 7778851, 3355955
Coral Queen Inn Lot
☏: +960 3350041, 7887630

Crown Reef
☏: +960 7989890, 3356551
Crystal Beach Inn
☏: +960 7777600, 3350700

DeMal Orchid
☏: +960 3353678
Elite Inn
☏: +960 7917871, 3357007

Elysium White Willow
☏: +960 7776213, 3356669
Eve Beach House
☏: +960 3330945, 3317653

☏: +960 7778634, 3011511
Fern Boquete Inn
☏: +960 7772089, 3336728

Fuana Inn
☏: +960 3350610, 3350611
Globus Beach Inn
☏: +960 3353844, 7773844

HolidayMakers Inn
☏: +960 7782340
Hulhumale Inn’
☏: +960 3321079, 3325397

Iberry Inn
☏: +960 7952782, 3356866
Koamas Lodge
☏: +960 3350885, 3350885

Le Vieux Nice Inn
☏: +960 7737867
Loona Hotel
☏: +960 3312790, 7772053

Maakanaa Lodge
☏: +960 3355560, 7785560
New town Inn
☏: +960 9948696, 3358697
✉: sales@newetown

Ocean Grand
☏: +960 3355044, 3350211
Palm View
☏: +960 3355670, 3355671

Relax Beach Inn
☏: +960 7976383, 3355707
Ripple Beach Inn
☏: +960 3352012, 7784856

Royal Relax Beach
☏: +960 3356606, 3356606
Royal Relax Holiday
☏: +960 3356650, 3356650

Seaside Lodge
☏: +960 3356697, 3356696
Star View Inn
☏: +960 9792222, 3355066

The Sand Gate Inn
☏: +960 7777969, 3350616
TLM Retreat
☏: +960 3351011, 3351011

Transit Beach View
☏: +960 7774222, 3328777
Transit Inn
☏: +960 7935807

Travel Lodge Maldives
☏: +960 7422422, 3350353
UI Inn
☏: +960 9762668, 7792522

Velaa Beach
☏: +960 7978008
Velima Inn
☏: +960 3350015

Visit Beach Inn
☏: +960 7789311
Wonder Retreat
☏: +960 3350096, 7799383

Yellow Shine Inn
☏: +960 3003678, 3003678
Vista Beach Retreat
☏: 960 335 0955 / 335 0953
☏: +960 335 0954



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