1,190 islands in maldives

List of Islands in Maldives and Atolls

How many islands in Maldives? Numbers of people, travelers or researcher wonder the total number of Island in the Maldives.

Maldives is composed of about 1,190 island stretching 90,000 square kilometers covering area and divided into 20 administrative atolls located at 500 miles south-west of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean with more than 400,000 total population in Maldives. Gan is the largest Island in Maldives, with 14 kilometer length only.
Out of 1,190 island, 200 are inhabited islands and some other are developed as tourist and about 150 private resorts and the remaining are uninhabited.

Tourism: the main source of revenue in the Maldives. Tourism first introduce in 1972 since it is grown fast and labeled as   ” Summer Capital“. Kurumba resort was the first resort to accept guest with 280 beds at that time. . Maldives the sunny side of life.

Male atoll (Kaafu Atoll): the most develop atoll in the Maldives. Mostly of the resorts, main offices, bank, main airport and the capital of Maldives, Male city are found in this atoll. Velana international airport (main airport)also known as Male airport situated at the island of Hulhumale, 6.5 kilometer away from the Male city.
Atoll It’s a group of coral reef or island that form a ring shape surrounded a lagoon.

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List of Islands in Maldives reference: Maldives tourism

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