List of Airports in Maldives

List of Airports in Maldives | airport code

The Maldives Republic. A small country situated in Indian Ocean composed of one thousands one hundred ninety (1,190) island and divided into 20 atolls. It is a home of world class water villas. List of Airports in Maldives that connects and gives an easy access in every atoll to the Main airport, or to the capital of Maldives Male City. Sunny side of life.

List of Airports in Maldives and location.

airport in maldives

Below table are the list of international and domestic airports with  Atoll name, island name and IATA code are listed. The List of Airports in Maldives.
Air taxi or seaplane is one of the main transportation from island to island in the Maldives, since this country composed of thousand island. Click the airport name and you can check the real time flights in each airport.
Having an idea in what is the nearest airport in the island you wanted to stay can make your travel more convenient and hassle free.

International Airport
Island Location
Airport Name
GanAddu AtollGan International AirportGAN
HanimaadhooHaa Dhaalu AtollHanimaadhoo International AirportHAQ
HulhuléNorth Malé AtollVelana International AirportMLE
MaamingiliAlif Dhaal AtollVilla International AirportVAM
Domestic Airport
DharavandhooBaa Atoll Dharavandhoo AirportDRV
FuvahmulahGnaviyani AtollFuvahmulah AirportFVM
IfuruRaa AtollIfuru AirportIFU
KaadedhdhooGaafu Dhaalu AtollKaadedhdhoo AirportKDM
KadhdhooLaamu AtollKadhdhoo AirportKDO
KooddooGaafu Alif AtollKooddoo AirportGKK
KudahuvadhooDhaalu AtollDhaalu AirportDDD
ThimarafushiThaa AtollThimarafushi AirportTMF

The information above are the List of Airports in Maldives. You can see in which atoll or island the airport situated. Being informed is a wise way when you go to travel. Maldives location, Maldives transportation, island resorts, map of Maldives and other facilities is very useful. Cost of Maldives daily.

Gan International airport (GIA, IATA CODE: GAN)

Gan International Airport
Located at Gan Island, Addu Atoll, it is originally built by the British as a staging post for its RAF during 1950s and was handed over to the Maldivian Government in 1976 with almost an equivalent of an ICAO code 4D air strip comprising of then state of the art equipment and facilities. It has one runway designated 10/28 with a concrete surface measuring 3,400 by 45 metres (11,155 ft × 148 ft). (Gan airport Flight schedule)

Hanimaadhoo International Airport (IATA: HAQ ICAO: VRMH)

The airplane terminal lives at a rise of 3 feet (1 m) above mean ocean level. It has one runway assigned 03/21 with a black-top surface estimating 1,220 by 30 meters (4,003 ft × 98 ft). It is located in Hanimaadhoo Island (Haa Dhaalu Atoll), Northern most of the Maldives. Hanimaadhoo International Airport flight schedule.

Velana International Airport (IATA: MLE ICAO: VRMM)

It is the Main Airport in the Maldives, located in Hulhumale a man made island, North Malé Atoll. The dimensions of this runway were 75 ft × 3,000 ft (23 m × 914 m). The first aircraft which landed at the airport was a Royal New Zealand Air Force Transport plane on 19 October 1960 at 13:55hrs. (Velana int. Airport flights schedules)

Villa International Airport (IATA: VAM ICAO: VRMV)

Located at Maamingili Island, Alif Dhaal Atoll. It has one runway designated 09/27 with a concrete surface measuring 1,800 by 30 metres (5,906 ft × 98 ft).6 feet (2m) Elevated from the sea level. Villa International Airport flight schedule. image source (WIKI)

Dharavandhoo airport (IATA: DRV, ICAO: VRMD)

Dharavandhoo Airport
It has one runway which is 1,189 metres (3,901 ft) in length. It is a domestic airport located in Dharavandhoo island, part of Baa atoll. Dharavandhoo airport flight schedule

Fuvahmulah airport (IATA: FVM ICAO: VRMR)

Fuvahmulah airport
Situated in the island of Fuvahmulah, Gnaviyani Atoll, Maldives, it has one runway which is 1,100 metres (3,609 ft) in length. Operated by Maldivian Airline. Fuvahmulah airport flight schedule

Ifuru Airport (IATA code IFU, ICAO code VREI)

ifuru airport
It is located in the small island of ifuru, part of Raa atoll. There are twenty two (22) domestic flights on 4 different routes from Ifuru Airport. Ifuru Airport flight schedule

Kaadedhdhoo Airport ((IATA: KDM, ICAO: VRMT)

Kaadedhdhoo Airport
It has one runway designated 16/34 with a bituminous surface measuring 1,220 by 30 metres (4,003 ft × 98 ft), setting in the island of Kaadedhdhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. This domestic airport opened on 10th of December 1993, it in 3.7 kilometres (2.0 NM) of south of Thinadhoo.

Kadhdhoo Airport (IATA: KDO, ICAO: VRMK)

Kadhdhoo Airport
Located in the island of Kadhdhoo in Laamu Atoll, it has one runway designated 03/21 with a bituminous surface measuring 1,220 by 30 metres (4,003 ft × 98 ft). Airport apron is 105 m x 22 m. Short take-off and landing aircraft whose maximum weight does not exceed 5700 kg can be accommodated. Kadhdhoo Airport Flight Schedule.

Kooddoo Airport (IATA: GKK, ICAO: VRMO)

Kooddoo Airport
A domestic airport in Gaafu Alif Atoll, Kooddoo island. It was opened on 10 September 2012. Kooddoo Airport Flight Schedule.

Dhaalu Airport (IATA: DDD)

Dhaalu Airport
It is located in the island of Kudahuvadhoo, Dhaalu Atoll. Runway length has 1,800 metres allowing it to accommodate Dash-8 and ATR-72 aircraft as well as large private jets. Dhaalu Airport Flight schedule.

Thimarafushi Airport (IATA: TMF ICAO: VRNT)

Thimarafushi Airport
The airport has 1,200m (3,937ft) length run way. It was opened on september 3rd 2013. this domestic airport situated at Thimarafushi, Thaa Atoll. Thimarafushi Airport Flight schedule.

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