Maldives diving

Maldives diving, Dive spots and cost

Maldives Diving

There’s no doubt, Maldives is one of the best diving site in the word. The uniqueness of the underwater world, many divers around the world will love to dive in the Maldives water. The abundance of marine life, a perfect coral landscape the high and clear visibility of water and the warm water throughout the whole year.

Resorts, liveaboard(cruise boats) operating in the Maldives offers diving activities and equipped diving facilities, but it depends to the resorts size and location, all staff are professional and well experienced.PADI offer a course for a beginners who want to be an expert with certification. All the resorts and cruise boat conduct daily dive trip in different famous dive site in the Maldives. Basic equipment’s are available in all resorts such as tanks, BCBs, compressors, weights, weight belts and wetsuits.

Maldives diving liveaboard

Island safari 1 and Island Safari 2 liveaboard diving and surfing in the Maldives having operated our own boats under Aimo Travels Pvt. Ltd. Today, we are recognized as leading experts on the Maldives and our knowledge of the area ensures that you make the right choices when planning your holiday.

They have a dive expert to guide in all know territory in which best spots and they continue to explore more.

There are 12 crew members at your service including 2 Dive Expert, 1 Chef, 2 Captains, 1 Technician, 1 Housekeeper, 1 Barmen/waitress, 1 DJ, 3 Dhoni crew even a non-divers may enjoy in the trip.
In a week-long cruise, non-divers could enjoy a variety of recreational facilities, such as different type of fishing, wind surfing, snorkeling, island hopping, visits of sandbank etc. They also have a variety of in-house games and entertainment facilities, which include TV and 24 Hour movies.
A BBQ evening will be organized on an uninhabited island by your crew for everyone on board.

Maldives dive sites mapMaldives map, maldives diving site

The best site for catching reef sharks are in the – North and South Male atoll, Gaafu, Laamu, Vaavu, Lhaviyani and Meemu. You can spot also from other islands but only few.

Whale shark catching are in Ari Atoll, Gaafu and Thaa atolls.

Ari, Addu, North Male, Haa Alifu and Haa Daalu, and Baa Atoll for mantas best spot.

Hammerheads, Rasdhoo Atoll in North Ari, or Fotteyo Kandu at Veevu Atoll.

Cathing Thresher sharks and tiger sharks at Foahmulah Island in all the time.

If you wanted to see a large school of fish, Ari atoll is the best site for you. There’s lso a lot big fish passing in this atoll such as eagle rays, hammerheads, whale sharks, mantas and more. School of blacktail baracuda and batfish, as well as napoleon wrases, grey and white tip sharks can be found also in this atoll.

Theres a lot of site in the Maldives water that you can dive and have a great experience adventure in the water world.

Other dives site

Banana Reef
Broken Rock
Cocoa Corner
Fish Head
Fotteyo Kandu
Gangehi Kandu
Guraidhoo Kandu
HP Reef
Kalhahandhi Kandu (Pannettone)
Kuda Haa
Kudarah Thila
Lankanfinolhu Faru (Manta Point)
Lion’s Head
Maalhos Thila
Maaya Thila
Maldives Victory Wreck
Nassimo Thila
Okobe Thila
Kandooma Thila
Halaveli Wreck
Donfan Thila

Whale shark season in maldives

Whale shark also known as gentle giant, this creature can grow up to 10 meters length, just like a big bus. This big creatures are friendly, they don’t harm anyone, and swimming with this creature is a great experience. Whale shark only be found during the southwest monsoon season in the area of Baa and Ari Atolls. Catching whale sharks on northwest monsoon season throughout the western part of the Maldives.

whale shark maldives diving

This beautiful gentle giant that divers always in search of. In the Maldives divers hoping to encounter these creature and take a look closely.

Maldives diving cost

All the Island resorts offers scuba diving and the basics equipment for a divers. Diving activity is one of the best when visiting in the Maldives, mostly of the resort will offer you a reasonable price for it. For a single dive it cost $75-$100 with in the island.

Maldives liveaboard also offer a great price for diving, it depends of the location you wanted to dive. In the Male and Ari atoll, Island safary boat of Aimo travel offers $210++ per person a day and for a charter trip for the maximum of 22 pax it cost $2900/++ (plus plus means the taxes) a day, or it depending to the season and if the guest or clients do have their own route which is out of the regular schedule they have. If it is quite far from male they might charge addition fuel charge . All liveaboards in the Maldives has similar driving price for the range of $160++ to 400++.

for more information in the Maldives Diving visit the Maldives dive club



Maldives diving, Whale shark season in Maldives, Maldives dive sites map

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