maldives water sports

Maldives Water Sports for holiday

Maldives water sports is so exciting and fun!

Water sports more fun for holiday, there’s a lot of activities you need to try when visiting in this paradise. Maldives is composed of 1,190 beautiful Island, full of surprise. Whitesand, blue clear water lagoon, elegant coral landscape, fresh air blowing and the exciting underwater adventure. It’s a perfect place to spend holiday with love once or even in a business trip. Maldives Water sports.

water sports activities

Catamaran Sailing

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Its a nice experience sailing away to the island in the sparkling water of maldives and go with the flow of the wind.
If you dont have any experience in catamaran sailing, no need to worry, resort has a course for the begginers. The cost in every lesson in the average of $100. Relax and enjoy your sailing.


Will, enjoying in the blue lagoon, Paddling your small boat arround to the island is real fun.

average price rent: $40

Banana and fun tube riding

water sports banana

This water sports is so thrilling, Riding a banana shaped boat pulled by a jetskii with the speed of 50-90 kph. Watching your companion face and screaming its a real fun.
Approximate Cost:  60-80 USD per person.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Amusing underwater world in the Maldives. Snorkeling arround the Island is fun, you cant even feel the heat of the sun. The interesting coral landscape, different kind of fish, did you imagine how interesting is that, swimming with small shark or if you lucky enough with gentle giant (whale shark). Ended, scuba diving is more fun, unlike snorkel, you can go to deep water and enjoy the underwater viewing. Mantas, school of baracuda and more. For more information visit this link Maldives diving. Maldives water sports.

snorkel price: $85 per person.
scuba diving : $200 – $600 it depends on the spots you want to dive.


Fly like a kite over the blue water of the Maldives, how exciting it is!  It certainly offers great satisfaction to the adventurous souls and is a thrilling water sport in Maldives for the adventure seekers.

60 – 90 USD cost per person to fly for an hour

Jet Skiing

Just like riding a Mortorbike in the water, no trafic, no speed limit, you can drive where ever you want(along the island). And the average cost is 75 – 150 per ride in just 20 minutes.

Fly board

A board that can make you fly, if you saw the movie spider-man, green goblen ride his board to fly arround. Will, this board not that like as you think, but this board can take you up to 2 meters high.  Right now, Only some resorts offers with this advanced machine in activity and it cost $100 – $150 in just 45 minutes.

Maldives water sports prices

Resorts offers a lot of activities, water sports, sandbank visit, bigfish game, city tour and more. Each resorts offers a reasonable price.  Package deal is a better choice. sample package: for 2

Sample package: for 2 person $350 – $380 (parasailing 10minutes, jet skii rent (1 jet skii), funtube 15minutes, sailing 60 minutes ).

Not only a resorts offer this activities, guesthouse and their’s a small stall in the beach offers such waters sports in a low price(public island). Check this tips for a Budget vacation in the Maldives.

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Thing need to know in visiting Maldives

This Maldives water sports will complete your vacation in this Hiden Paradise. Plan your trip wisely! Enjoy. If you already have experience this excitmenting activities. Feel free to share happenings and suggestions in the comment below.

Full map of Maldives.



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