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Wanderlust in Malé Maldives Island l Hotels

Do you know that one of the smallest capitals in the world is in the country of Maldives? Yes! It is Malé city in the Maldives.

Maldives, has 26 major atolls stretching like gems across the Indian Ocean. The capital city is in Malé where about 120,000 population in this small island, which comprises one fourth of the country’s total population.

A city with a high buildings and structures built and paved roads and maximized space for the residences apartments.

The Government offices are located in a specific area, private office and host shops are most likely can be found in the main streets. Just to set the right expectation, the streets are so narrow that a big vehicle could not pass through it most especially when it’s crowded. Expect to witness a sea of Motorbikes Parked along both sides of the road. This makes City of Male different from any other island in the country.

What/Where Their Foods Originated

Of course, we will not forget to mention how interesting their foods are. Well if you are into spicy foods, then you will get to enjoy the variety of Maldivian dishes, most of them were curry’s because their foods are more likely inspired by the nearby surrounding Country’s, There is no historical evidence about origin of Maldivians; as a spot on the Indian Ocean’s trading route, genes maybe from many travelers or settlers from a close-by country such as India, Sri Lanka, and other Southeast Asian neighbors. Food are essential to us, so the prices would also matter, here in Maldives the prices are just moderate, if you want to try to buy a fresh fishes, then Male Market is the best place to go, freshly catch fishes jumping inside your plastic bag will be so normal.

Whats in Male Maldives

So we know the Maldives are full of wonderful Islands with a seducing sea breeze, however Male city does not have beaches, but seawalls around the island. However in a new district an artificial beach with a friendly and nice landscape has been created, along in this area they have also designed some health exercises and equipment’s that are suitable for everyone and that is free of charge. Great isn’t it?

Aside from the busy road in the small city, there are still nice and interesting places you could visit, for all we know The Maldives is an Islamic country, 100% of its population were Muslims, therefore in Male City you got to see their Huge Mosque, some are just moderate one’s but you will be amaze on how they really give time to pray most specially during Fridays, people are willing to sacrifice that they even blocked each roads to give way to the praying Muslims for they need to occupy the streets to accommodate the number of people praying, as I said Male is a small City so they maximized all of their resources to make things happen.

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Male Maldives Hotels

Marble Hotel

☏: +960 3302678
📠: +960 3326237

Sala Boutique Hotel

☏: +(960) 334 5959

Skai Lodge

☏: +(960) 332-8112
☏: +9607911145

Hotel Jen Malé, MV

☏: +960 330 0888

Mookai Hotel

☏: +960 333 8811
📠: +960 333 8822

House Clover

☏: +960 3005855, 3308053
📠: +960 3009945

Hotel Pallazo

☏: +(960) 3343855
📠: +(960) 3343849

Hotel Octave Maldives

☏: +960 3013030

Surf View Hotel

☏: +960 330 1005
☏: +960 330 1004

Kam Hotel

☏: (960) 332-0611

Mookai Suites

☏: (+960) 330 9911
📠: (+960) 330 9922

Off Day Inn

☏: +960 7738484

Champa Central Hotel

☏: +960 3317766
📠: +960 3317755

Unima Grand

☏: +960 4005005

Somerset Inn

☏: +960 300 9090
☏: +960 3333068
📠: +960 333 3066

The Melrose

☏: +(960) 330-0484
☏: +(960) 330-0494

The Beehive

☏: ++960 334 66 33.
📠: ++960 334 55 33.

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Space for the citizens is very limited the reason why a new island near Male’, named Hulhumale, has been created. Works are in progress and Maldivian people already live in some of these buildings. Male Maldives still be the unique Island among the other Islands in the country.








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