Things to know before visiting in Maldives

14 Things to Know Before Visiting in the Maldives Island

The Maldives Island

It is a small state, made up of more than thousand beautiful coral islands, and known for its exotic beaches, clear  water lagoons and extensive reefs.


Dhivehi is their mother language spoken by all people of the Maldives. But Tourist can easily communicate with local since English is used as a second language in this nation and tourist can easily make themselves understood in the capital city most specially In the resorts, a variety of languages are spoken by the staff including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

some basic language in the maldives

“Assalaa mu alaikum” means “hello”

“Adhes kohfa.” means “Please”

“Shukuriyaa.” means “Thank you”

“Maruhabaa.” means “You’re welcome”

“Haalu kihineh” means “how are you”

download a pdf translate English to Dhivehi.

Where is Maldives?

Maldives located in the Indian Ocean, the continent of Asia, Land area 298 km2 (115 mi2) and surrounded by a water. When you see google map, it’s just a small dot. Maldives state is the lowest country in the world, not one of its coral islands is more than six feet (1.8 meters) above sea level, making the country vulnerable to a rise in sea level associated with climate change

It is a Muslim country

Same as the other Islamic country, Maldives has a strict rule of law. It’s a bit more than just R-E-S-P-E-C-T, in many Islamic countries not observing certain rules can carry a fine or prison time.

It is obviously illegal to import explosives, weapons, firearms, ammunition, and drugs, but in addition, if you bring of this material that deemed contrary to Islam, such as pornography, pork and pork products, alcohol, idols for worship, bibles or any non-Islamic religious text is also illegal. Wearing bikini in the public beach is strictly not allowed.

In addition: When you arrive at the airport must read also or get a copy of the guidelines in this country.

Alcohol Available in Resort

Things to know before visiting in Maldives

Yes, although alcohol is not allowed to bring in this country, most of the resorts offer alcohol, wine, a cocktail with a reasonable price.

Expensive luxury island resort

Things to know before visiting in Maldives

For you to know! In this Maldives Island you can find a unique, exotic and natural, beautiful landscape of coral, best water villa, clear water lagoon reflects the blue sky, and they called it paradise. Staying in the luxurious it cost start at $800 to up a day and for the transportation, arrange by a resort it cost $200 and up by speedboat or seaplane.


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Resorts in the Maldives are cooperative

In the Maldives, resorts are also offering to visit other resorts. So if you are staying in Bandos resorts, this resort also offer you to visit other resorts for you to see a different beauty of other resort. In every resort in the Maldives has owned character.

Exotic sea life

Sea life is one of the varieties in this island, different color of fish, school of fish, octopus, shells, corals and more. But if you want to see or swim with the manta ray or whale shark you must visit at 2nd or 4th quarter of the year, on this date your chance is very high.

Hitting 3 birds in one stone

When you come here in the Maldives, neighboring countries are also near such as Sri Lanka and India. Taking there is not that expensive and a lot of tourist spots there.

Maldives has a great weather all through the year


Maldivian Rufiyaa (Mvr) is the currency of the Maldives (Maldive Islands). 1 Rufiyaa is 100 Laari and also available for the notes 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 Rufiyaa (Mvr). As a tourist it’s not necessary to take much any local currency. Resorts, Hotel and store also accept US dollars, Euro or cards.

Transportation from one island to another island

Things to know before visiting in Maldives

As I mentioned above, Maldives composed a thousand islands. They only used boat or seaplane for their transportation to other Island. For a public ferry it cost 3mvr – 15mvr and speedboat or seaplane $80 – $200 or up arrange with the resorts.

Great family vacation

Maldives is not only for a newly married for their honeymoon or an adventurous traveler who love to dive, or explore and document in marine life it also for a family vacation.

Holiday trip with the family will probably enjoy with the different kind of excursions water sports (motorized and non-motorized), fishing, snorkel and more. A sandy white beautiful beaches, clear water lagoon, fresh air and it is a very relax place from a busy day from your town or work. I am very sure that your family will enjoy your holiday.

The pictures aren’t describing a whole

Pictures you see all over the internet is just a part of a story. When you visit in this Island, your unforgettable experience can’t describe in a thousand pictures you took.

Barefoot most of the time

Things to know before visiting in Maldives

Since it is composed of a small islands, walking around is highly recommended. So you can see and appreciate the beautify of the said paradise.

Gan Island is the biggest island, it has 14km road length. For the other islands, renting a bicycle or walking is enough for you to see a beauty of the Island.

Camera is Important

Things to know before visiting in Maldives

Water resistant camera, Sports cam is absolutely necessary when coming to Maldives. You already what the purpose of that thing. Forget some of your belonging, but not a camera. Okay.














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