velana international airport illustrator

Velana international airport flight schedule

Real time flight schedule of Velana International airport (Male International Airport).

Velana international airport is the main airport in the Maldives. This Airport situated at the island of Hulhumale, 15mins ferry ride from the main city (capital city, Male) of the Maldives.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport the previous name of Velana airport and also known as Male airport. The airport terminal is very much associated with significant air terminals around the globe, for the most part filling in as the primary portal into the Maldives for voyagers.

velana international airport illustrator
Velana international Airport small illustration at near departure entrance.

Velana international airport intrance
Domestic and international Entrance.

velana airport
Entrance lobby.

velana international airport departure entrance
International departure Entrance.

Departure and Arrival flight schedule in Velana Airport.

There are twenty plus airline working in this airport. Now, this airport a little bit busy, so, the Maldives airport company and aviation requesting all the passenger must be their 3 or 4hours prior to departure time for all international flights.

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